Lots of Sweet Cookbooks in 2012

Last year was a banner year when it comes to great cookbooks. For those who are cookbook collectors, there were a number of quality cookbooks that were highly anticipated.   The Washington Post finds the vegetarian cookbooks to be the most highly desired however, there are some great bakery books that the average sweet-loving baker

Healthy after School Snack Ideas

When the kids get home from school, the first thing they want to do is get a snack from the kitchen. It is often easiest to have a variety of fatty snacks available to give them on demand, but, although fine for an occasional treat, they shouldn’t be offered on a regular basis. Healthy after-school

Cookbooks that help Newlyweds

When it comes to choosing a cookbook as a gift for a newlywed couple, a lot will depend on the age of the couple and whether or not they have been living on their own for a while or are right out of college. Newlyweds who have been on their own for a while may

What does best before really mean

Product dates can be confusing. The expiration date is different from the sell-by date, and both are different from the “use-by” date. Except for infant formula and drugs, there’s not even any kind of law or regulation governing how they’re used. Sell-by date This is the store’s note to itself. It wants to sell all

A Man Named Varvakis and how Caviar became a World Delicacy

Caviar is a product made from salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family and has been at the top of any ‘to get list’ in aristocratic gatherings from time immemorial. But has anyone ever wondered how it acquired its momentous status? In truth, it was a pirate from Ottoman occupied Greece that made this delicacy commercially

How to Eat so you Feel well again

Good nutrition provides energy to your body and boosts your immune system. With a healthy immune system, your body is better able to resist infection. Should you get sick, your symptoms may be less severe, and you may recover more quickly. When you do get sick, you may not have much of an appetite or

Nutrients Men need

In today’s society, with the fast pace we live on a day to day basis, it is often hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, yet, for continued success and a stable future it is crucial. Along with keeping active and getting regular exercise, attention needs to be directed towards the needed nutrients that promote good

Food is not to Waste – Yes

The expiration date is there to let the buyer know how long that product will be fresh for. This is an effective system because it prevents people from eating something that has gone bad and surely has saved a lot of people from getting sick. However, when it comes to foods like fish, bread, meat,

Grocery Shop Smarter and Eat better

There is a lot of truth behind the concept of “shopping smarter to eat better”. If you are looking to eat healthier, then one of the best things that you can possibly do is shop smarter at the grocery store whenever you do your shopping. These days, it is becoming increasingly important to find new

Frugal Living Developing a Kitchen Pantry using Grocery Sales Cycles and Coupons

Being frugal takes practice. Some people have lived with a tight budget their entire life. Other people have experienced economic hardships that hit unexpectedly. Either way, the skills of frugal living must be learned and developed. Living inexpensively is easy to learn, and it provides a lifetime of significant savings. The grocery store is where